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Every dish you expect &

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Just 5 minutes walk

from Victoria Station

Traditional Indian Restaurant


Paradise Indian Restaurant


We specialise in freshly cooked traditional curry dishes served with quiet professionalism. Our speciality is our tandoori chicken

Our restaurant is 5 just minutes walk from Victoria in Pimilco at the end of Wilton Road in Denbigh Street

Our famous tandoori  and tikka dishes

London’s hidden gem

We are very proud to combine regular diners with visitors who are only in London for a short while.

We are also very proud of our tandoori and tikka dishes which we have been told, many times, are the best in London

When we first opened in 1989, the public perception of Indian food was that the girls ate Korma and the boys wolfed down Madras or Vindaloo - accompanied by copious quantities of lager.

Some brave hearts even took on the dreaded Phal, much to the amusement of waiters all over the country.

Throughout the 1990’s, however, a revolution occurred.
Through the introduction of more and more authentic dishes from the Indian subcontinent, more discerning tastes have developed.

Our menu is balanced between the need to maintain genuine all time favourites and urge to explore new styles of cuisine.

We are proud to present the best of both worlds.

Sun-Thurs   6pm till 11pm

Fri-Sat        6pm till 11:30pm

Delivery Hours: 5pm till 11pm

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